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A review of 5-HTP

Whilst struggling with depression many years ago, I did extensive research on remedies that didn’t involve prescribed medication. I tried a variety of supplements that were said to help; Niacin, Tryptophan, I-tyrosine, St Johns wort, b12, omegas, b6 but none were anywhere near as effective as 5HTP.
In the right doses 5HTP has been found to be as effective as some prescribed anti depressants – but without the price tag and side effects!
5HTP was part of my daily routine for over 2 years and I tried a variety of different brands – I’m almost a connoisseur! Peak Naturals by far was the best brand. 100MG tablets means I wasn’t having to take a handful of capsules each day and most importantly the effects were fastest with Peak Naturals, I assume due to purity. Other brands could take over a week to feel myself and I’d still get the odd grouchy day. I also experienced difficulty sleeping with one particular brand, and it made my limbs ache when trying to sleep! I don’t know the science behind why that happened, but goes to show that not all supplements are created equally. Compared to Peak Naturals where I could go back to feeling myself after just a couple of days of taking their 5HTP with zero side effects.
The downside to Peak Naturals being the best meant I couldn’t travel without bottles of Peak Naturals 5HTP because it is difficult to get Peak Naturals supplements outside the UK!
During the peak of my difficult time, I was taking 400 MG daily! 300 MG in the evening (3 capsules) and 100 MG in the morning (1 capsule). The great thing with 100 MG capsules is that it helps to lower your dose gradually over time whilst still being effective.
Over the course of 6 months I managed to lower my daily dose to 100 MG which is much more sustainable.
One tip I will say is that 5HTP is best taken at night time, an hour or two before bed. However if you do take a small dose in the morning to ensure an even distribution throughout the day, do make sure you don’t take it on an empty stomach as 5HTP can make you a little nauseous.
Peak Naturals ask their customers to write reviews and given how much they have helped me, I feel obliged to write this review for them. I hope this review, along with 5HTP, can help others as much as it goes me!

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