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How Peak Naturals came about

Peak Naturals is a family run business and started 7 years ago.
The thought of Peak Naturals was a very personal reason. Stressed, not sleeping well, depressed and anxious most of the time (seem familiar with any of you??).
After a lot of research on trying to find the reason why and what caused the symptoms, one of the main reasons I discovered was related to lack of Serotonin. The search was on.
Trying to find the right supplement and one that was natural, contained no fillers, or if they did, NATURAL, made in the UK (as not all imports stick to UK’s high regulations). Also the most important, one that actually worked. This proved exceptionally hard, so that’s when we decided to go into production ourselves and hopefully help other people suffering the same symptoms.
It took a while to find the right UK manufacturer, but we did in the end and haven’t looked back since. 5HTP was the result and our very first supplement, so very special to us.
Sleep is so much better, stress and anxiety are back to normal (well unless it’s a really bad day at work and orders are slow!!)
We have aimed high with our ingredients and we do strongly believe we have HIGH QUALITY ingredients which are natural and we are proud to say are all manufactured and produced in the UK.

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